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Hello! My name is Lynnette Owner of Rare Designs By Nette. Thank you for allowing me to add a little sparkle to your day! #TheUniqueBlingSpecialist

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  • 2021-09-06 (2)

About Me

Once again my name is Lynnette owner of Rare Designs By Nette. I currently live in Mobile, AL. I am a mother of three beautiful children. I always wanted to start my business, but was too scared of rejections. I attempted a few times and got discouraged. After a life changing event I decided I can do anything I want. I still struggled, but never gave up. I kept faith and with the help of family and friends they all push me to continue. Well guys that day has finally come and I am so happy to share this with you! Thank you!

Note: To anyone trying to start a business don't let anyone discourage you. You got this!!

Coffee Donation

This will literally keep me on my toes to make those beautiful items you love. Thank you for the coffee!

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I can't wait to add a little sparkle to your day with a Rare Design By Nette item.


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