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Basements are inherently at risk of taking on water since theyrsquore the lowest point of a house. When theyrsquore built, builders take precautions to prevent leaks, but over time, homes can settle, : the ground can shift, sinkholes can appear, and water can pool around the foundation. Most basement walls should , be waterproofed at the time of construction, but water can still seep in and create a humid environment. Click to Call: 401-849-6644 They removed my stuff from my garage and placed it neatly on the side of my house then they cleaned the entire garage. They first vacuumed and sanitized the whole garage then power washed it . I did ask them to bag some stuff i wanted to discard and they did that to. After they cleaned the entire garage they put everything back in a organized way. At Fire Dawgs, we pride ourselves in treating every customer the way we would want our family to be treated by providing award-winning service for each and every service! Dont believe us? Give us a chance to show you why were the Tough Dawgs that get IT done! But what does Fire Dawgs do to assist with your basement cleanout in Fort Wayne?weekly cleaning in housekeepingCleaning can be overwhelming and take hours, so I love the idea of a 10 minute pick up daily cleaning schedule! Rescue My Time Cleaning Service proudly provides house cleaning and maid services in communities throughout , Gwinnett and Barrow County including: Ashland, Auburn, Arbor Trace, Bethlehem, , Between, Bold Springs, Braselton, Buford, Carl, Campton, Gratis, Hoschton, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Monroe, Nicholasville, Rest Haven, Russell, Statham, Winder, Woodbridge and Woodhaven Downs. There are cases when monthly cleaning is not enough. For example, without vacuuming our home on a weekly basis, a dust can trigger allergies and respiratory issues for our family. There are areas which should be vacuumed on a daily basis. Other areas of our homes receive such a frequent use that they need weekly cleaning.deep clean hardwood floorsOur homes are full of people, pets and things that could potentially cause damage to hardwood floors. But dont fret! These simple steps will help protect your floors and enjoy living with them at the same time. As professional , floor cleaners, we recommend that you read the back of every product you use and conduct a bit of research. Don’t take ingredients at face value – do your homework to pick a product that will really protect and clean your hardwood floors. Too much wax can leave your floors difficult to clean. Stone Tile Floor Cleaning Since dust and particles act as abrasives on a floorrsquos finish, deep cleaning can prolong the time needed for services like sanding and refinishing. The combination of routine floor care and deep cleaning can save you money in the long run. Lowersquos can teach you some stuff about maintaining your hardwood floor for many years. """""""